The Grut-Hansen Foundation - History


The Grut-Hansen Foundation was established on the basis of the will of the gentleman farmer Charles Grut-Hansen who passed away in 1922. He devised his propert y "Kolle-Kolle" and his herd of Danish Red cows to the then "Sjællands Stifts Kvægopdrætterforening", now known as the Danish Red Cow Union of the Eastern Islands. The task will always be to comply with the will that says: ".. but as I know the impossibility of predicting what will be the best according to future demands I will notice that my wishes are fully complied when the legacy is used in a way that the management of all times finds most relevant and beneficial for our farm."


The board consists of eight people from the Danish islands Sealand and Lolland/Falster and one person from the island Bornholm. Everyone has to own a herd of Danish Red cows. The foundation sold the farm "Kolle-Kolle" to course activities before "Assendrup Hovedgård" was bought in 1965. The history of Assendrup Hovedgård will begin around the year 800 a.c. The farm as it is today is from the year 1907. In 1965 the Grut-Hansen Foundation bought the farm from the heirs after Mrs. Henriksen. Since 1965 the foundation has run the farm very traditionally with cattle and land. The herd and the land are often available for research. Now Assendrup Hovedgård has a herd of 275 Danish Red cows milked by a milking robot and 300 hectares of land.




The everyday running is managed by a manager who is also helping out in the stable, two people in the stable and one to take care of the field work.


Key figures


Milk ratio: 2,500,000 kg mil k with a fat percentage of 4.10

Yield: 10,000 kr ECM/cow

Somatic Cell Count: 235,000

Calf mortality: 2.9%


In total 300 hectares:

50 hectares of grass, 95 hectares of corn, 65 hectares of wheat and 19 hectares of rape.




The food is a mix of grass, corn, soda pastil les, rapeseed cakes, hay and minerals.

Moreover the cows get up to 8 kg of concentrated feed based on yield.





Assendrup Hovegaard

Assendrupvej 10

DK-4690 Haslev


Farm Manager Kjeld Christensen


Tlf.:   +45 5764 2027

Mobil: +45 2033 0027




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